DTC Race Report - Carl Dolan


District Taco at Carl Dolan

It was a day of perfect weather for the Taco team to compete in one of MABRA's most popular spring races! 

They rode along a 2.1-mile rolling course in an office park, with one technical right turn and an uphill drag to the line.


Cat 3/4

We lined up toward the back of the pack. By the end of the first lap, Osiris had made his way to the front, where he fought for the next hour. Andrew and Dustin surfed wheels, and soon enough, Andrew joined Osiris at the front. 

Late in the race, Osiris and Andrew launched an attack but were reigned in by a fast-moving pack. On the final climb to the finish line, Osiris launched early, giving everything he had. But the wind -- and perhaps being a 'marked' team after last week's big win -- got the better of team Taco. 

Cat 4/5

The race started five minutes early! Andrew and Dustin quickly turned around (from their 3/4 race) to join David and Peter in the 4/5.

Having gained some confidence moving through the pack, Dustin moved to the front after seeing a breakaway up the road. He worked with David to bridge to another rider, but their effort was blocked. Then David was taken out by another rider in the tricky corner.  Peter and Andrew fought at the front for the next several laps. The rest of the race featured unnecessary crashes and drama, keeping DTC out of the top ten. But overall, there was yellow at the front, working hard and proving that the 'new kids' had firepower to animate any race.