DTC Race Report - Bunny Hop


Cat 5 was the first race of the day at the Bunny Hop crit in Suitland, MD. The Taco team did not disappoint. The trio of Collin, Peter S. and Adam rode smart and stuck to the plan. With two laps to go, Adam beautifully led out Collin while Peter stayed at the front of the chasing pack, checking for counterattacks. Adam dropped back into the field, and Collin turned on the afterburners and soloed away to take the win! Peter battled to the end as well, finishing 9th with Adam closely behind. Orale!

- Written by Peter Siestrzewitowski



With early morning success, the District Taco cat 4 men were feeling the pressure to get a good result. This fast three-corner crit suited our abilities well. 

The race unfolded in typical cat 4 fashion: starting/stopping, breaking through corners and dive bombing corners. But through it all, we stuck to our plan. We stayed near the front the entire race. Halfway through, Osiris attacked. Dustin and Andrew were there to chase any bridge attempts. When Osiris was caught a few laps later, Dustin worked the front to keep the pace up and chase breakaway attempts. Andrew sat in near the front, conserving energy. 

During the last lap, Andrew moved behind Osiris, then signaled him to go. He didn't hear, so Andrew yelled again! Osiris looked back and attacked. Andrew followed on the inside and took a wide line so no one else could latch on. Zipping a million miles an hour with no one on their left or right, Andrew yelled at Osiris to keep going. "We got this easy," they thought. But then a black/red blur emerged. In the last turn, Osiris' rear wheel started to slide out in front of Andrew, but he made a save. Andrew pulled ahead of Osiris, seeing first place slip by. But he secured second, and Osiris third. 

Better than placing second was knowing that they worked well as a team. They had a plan and were able to execute to success! 

-Written by Andrew Friend