DTC Race Report - All American Road Race

District Taco Breaking Away

District Taco Cycling p/b BicycleSPACE grabbed its first win of the season at the All American Road Race, CAT4 in Poolesville, MD.

The roads were narrow, surface poor, and a howling wind battered the field lap after lap. Through it all though DTC's Osiris Hoil managed to stay at the front of the group. Despite numerous break away attempts from other teams the race was decided in the first turn of the last lap. The front of the field surged out of the turn and a few riders quickly gapped the peloton, with Osiris making the decisive break.

With a whole lap to go, the small breakaway was able to hold the main field off, but despite the ripping wind GS Cyclelife's Jacob Sheppard-Saidel and Osiris Hoil fought tooth and nail all the way to the line. Osiris inching out a wheel length at the line.

In the Men's CAT5 race:

How often do you see a successful breakaway in a Cat 5 road race? Ask most seasoned bike racers and they will say rarely, if ever. But District Taco’s tenacity and teamwork made the All American Road Race an exception to that old adage.

The pace went full gas right from the get-go. Peter, David and Chris went off the front driving the pace hard along with other riders. At just the right time, Lee made a massive attack, slinging himself up the first sizable hill on Sugarland Rd while David followed swiftly, fracturing the pack. Lee got so far out in front he initially lost sight of the main pack behind him. He thought he might be able to stay solo, then reality settled in.  In a break it is always a good idea to have a teammate! Fortunately, David was not far behind and caught up. The other teams were struggling to chase, with just 8 of the 60 starting racers able to hold the fierce pace and join them. The selection for the day had been made.

Meanwhile, the shattered main pack began to coalesce again. Peter was caught in no man’s land, so he slowly dropped back to the main pack to work together with Chris. They both stayed up front and worked to chase any prospective breaks. As the riders in the pack began to see the breakaway disappear up River Road, rumblings regarding team tactics could be heard from behind.

Well, no team tactics we thought? Isn't that the whole purpose of racing with a team?

At the last turn onto Hughes the breakaway riders surged.  Lee was sitting in 6th position at 500M when the sprint started.  Thinking that was too soon, he kept a bit in reserve and at 200M Lee realized that the leader was still accelerating so Lee gunned it and moved up, finishing a strong 5th.  We were all pleased with his result in our second race of the year as a team. A minute or two later, the main group raced to the line. Chris and Peter moved up through the pack, finishing strong near front in the final sprint. David and Chad also finished with the field.


District Taco Cycling p/b BicycleSPACE wants to thank the All American Bike Club for putting on the event, and all the Officials and Volunteers who made the race happen!

We would also like to thank our Sponsor's for their continued support! 





Results: https://www.usacycling.org/results/?permit=2014-822

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