Age: 45

Residence: Washington, DC

Birth Place: Baltimore, MD

Hobbies: Cycling, Photography, Travel, Hiking, Exploring new DC restaurants

Years Riding: 20+

Racing Category: CAT 5

Currently Riding: Specialized Tarmac Pro, SRAM Red

Goals for 2014 Season: Help form a cohesive, winning team. Have a blast and move up to CAT 4.

About: My adventures on a Gary Fisher mountain bike that I purchased after my high school graduation sparked my passion for cycling. I rode my mountain bike everywhere the summer before heading off college. That mountain bike was stolen my Freshman year, but the thief may have unwittingly done me a favor. I decided to try something new, so I turned my efforts to road riding and road racing. I helped establish the first cycling team at my college and we made it to Nationals -- twice. Then real life and building a career intervened, and my bikes began to gather dust. Fast-forward a few decades and now I am enjoying the good fortune of having my family's support for my sport. I've been riding seriously for the past two years, racking up 6000+ miles per year, and tackling multiple Gran Fondos like Mountains of Misery and Jeremiah Bishop. This year I am up for a new challenge, to take up racing again and continue to increase my speed. I am looking for a boost riding Taco powered!